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EU Funding

Renewable Energy Funding Programmes in Malta

Malta has shown a strong commitment to the promotion of renewable energy in recent years. The country has a clear vision to achieve 100% renewable energy supply by 2050.

A number of support programmes and policies have been put in place to encourage the development of renewable energy resources in Malta.

These include:

  • Promotion of photovoltaic systems: The government supports private households and businesses to install photovoltaic systems through financial incentives and simple licensing procedures.
  • Promotion of wind energy: Greater promotion of offshore wind farms will be targeted to boost the development of wind energy in Malta.
  • Energy saving initiatives: The government is also promoting energy saving measures, including the promotion of efficient lighting solutions and energy efficiency improvements in buildings.
  • Promotion of biomass energy: Promotion of biomass energy is also sought, in particular waste-to-energy plants and biogas plants.

Overall, the promotion of renewable energy contributes to achieving a more sustainable and environmentally friendly energy supply and also strengthens the Maltese economy by creating new jobs and investments.

We support you – Wir unterstützen Sie

  • Face-to-face meetings with potential beneficiaries to discuss project proposals and identify EU funding opportunities
  • Provide practical advice on project planning and design, ensuring project eligibility for EU funding programmes that may be available for funding
  • Providing specific technical assistance to help applicants prepare funding applications
  • Practical information sessions on different funding programmes and calls, as well as training on different aspects of project development and preparation
  • Dissemination of EU funding information via email alerts
  • Customer helpdesk to answer questions on EU funding opportunities
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