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Why Malta?

  • Political and social stability
  • Geostrategic situation
  • Eu member
  • Well-educated and English-speaking professionals
  • Comparably low social security contributions
  • Transparent legal and regulatory eviroment
Warum Malta? | Eurotax Consulting
Warum Malta? | Eurotax Consulting
  • Efficient and business-friendly tax system
  • An extensive network of double taxation agreements
  • Solid infrastructure, especially in terms of internet connectivity
  • Excellent quality of life and safe enviroment
  • EU and Malta Enterprise funding programmes

The economic vision for Malta for the coming years is based on five main principles:

Stable Government

Implementation of measures and reforms to strengthen the rule of law, regulatory and supervisory authorities and the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism

Improving the quality of life

Ensure that economic growth leads to a higher quality of life for all citizens.

Education for sustainable growth

Investing in education, which is key to sustaining economic growth in the medium to long term

Better infrastructure

Further improvement of Malta’s infrastructure through ongoing investment in roads, transport and technology

Carbon neutral economy by 2050

Achieve a carbon neutral economy by 2050 with interim targets set every ten years. This will ensure that the environment, which is crucial for sustainable economic growth and a better quality of life, is indeed prioritized.